Thursday, April 23, 2015

"My name Stephen... i like maths"

Weh weh weeehhhhh!!! Waaahh!!! Go! Go! Go! aaaahh... uuuhoooo!!! Ohwayway ... Weeeehhhhh... Whayaahhh!!

In case you need a translation, that's Anita-ese for "You stupid Flames, go score a goal", while she watches the Flames/ Canucks game. Her random sound effects are actually far more entertaining than the game itself. Grab a beer, come over, and join me in this performance of the Anita Philharmonic Voicebox Orchestra.

Anyways... a colleague of mine lives in the riding of our fearless leader, Stephen Harper. He recently sent out some propaganda about his tax policies to his constituents, featuring a giant calculator. And like a 12 year old defacing a math textbook in class, I gleefully gave him a bit of a makeover with my pen. I think he looks much better like this.

My Name Stephen-1
"My name Stephen... i like maths"

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