Wednesday, April 29, 2015

_obnoxious faacking phone calls from the Jim Prentice Team_

Things that the world could use a whole lot less of:

a) People surnamed Kardashian; b) Truck Nuts; c) Guns; and most importantly, d) obnoxious faacking phone calls from the Jim Prentice Team.

Because an in person cold call, and four unsolicited phone calls in 2 days is excessive. You do that with a girl you like, and that's a one way ticket to "You're a stalker-ville", don't forget to grab your complimentary restraining order. This same principle should apply in political cold calls.

One would assume the message was loud and clear when the first of four conversations went like this:
Her: "On May 5th, can we count on your support for Teresa Woo-Paw" (my PC MLA)
Me: "No"
Her: slightly taken aback... "Oh, well that's okay too."
But nope, in came three more calls from this same (obviously poorly organized) team. So by the time the fourth call came around, there were no more niceties.
Him: "Hello, I'm calling from the Jim Prentice Team and..."
Me: "I've already told you guys, no one in this household has ever voted Conservative, and never will. Please take us off of every list you own. And please tell Teresa Woo-Paw that I will be sure to NOT vote for her. Fack you very much."

This election campaign can't end soon enough. I'm tired of posting politically themed shit.

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