Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mumford and Sons, live at the Saddledome

Mumford and Sons, live at the Saddledome last night, was such a great show. Photos taken from the nosebleed seats, because Ticketmaster is the most evil entity on the planet aside from ISIS and Impark. Seriously, I hate you Impark. Just because I parked DIRECTLY in front of the giant sign that said NO PARKING for transit customers, doesn't mean you need to be a total douchenozzle about it. You compassionless parking pricks. The parking lot at Sunridge Mall has 1000+ empty stalls, because let's face it, that ghetto trash mall doesn't see a thousand shoppers in an entire year. Yes, I realize I'm mildly (completely) in the wrong, but that doesn't change my opinion about your prick-ish-ness.

Anyways, on to the photos. The little point and shoot Sony RX100 (mark I) was having a wee tough time with the lighting, but these were the best I could get from way on up in the peasant seats.

Mumford & Sons-2
Marcus Mumford, lead singer, is a ridiculously talented dude. He has an incredibly strong voice, and plays multiple instruments. Amazing.

Mumford & Sons-4

Mumford & Sons-3
Smartphones - the new concert "lighter in the air"...

Mumford & Sons-1

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